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Compensation for life-risking surgery misconduct

medical negligence solicitors

Accidents can happen anytime, anywhere. One may try his or her best while following safety precautions and traffic rules but sometimes situations get haywire and the parties involved in the accident can get severe injuries which sometime can lead to lifelong problem if goes unnoticed or not treated properly, and to save oneself from the severity of the injuries, people sometime had to go through operations and surgeries so that the festering sore can be treated immediately.

But as said earlier, misconducts during life risking surgeries by medical negligence solicitors because of their negligence can lead to drastic results including death. Following are some of the mistakes that can happen during life risking surgeries:

Sometimes surgeons forget the tools used during the surgeries which can lead to the surgical tools left inside the patient’s body. These surgical equipment’s can lead to festering sores and can even damage the internal organs if it is sharp in nature like scalpels, saws or scissors. You must even read such reports in newspapers telling about the tools left inside the patient’s body.

During surgeries, the surgeon may cut wrong nerve leading your body to paralyse or even damage the organs thus increasing the severity of the problem and multiplication of wounds and abrasions, adding onto the person’s distress as well as the families.

Wrong amount of anaesthesia used can also cause pain trouble. Less usage of anaesthesia than the required amount can cause the patient to feel the pain and severity of the ongoing surgery which can be unbearable in real, or sometimes more amount of anaesthesia than the intended dosage can lead to hallucinations, dementia, respiratory disease, hypothermia, prolonged unconsciousness, or physical or mental impairment.

Surgeons piecemeal also operate on the wrong body part leading to the negligence towards the real cause of pain and sometimes those wrong surgeries can also lead that body part to stop functioning thus making the patient more prone to lesions and tears.

Wrong patient surgeries have also occurred in the history. Negligence while verifying can lead surgeons to perform surgeries on a patient which was required to be performed on another patient. Such surgeries can lead to irrelevant and senseless wounds and can also damage the organs. Lack of knowledge can also prove to be fatal. Not having adequate knowledge about performing different surgeries on different body parts can lead to damaging the body part and can also paralyse that part.

Precautions that need to be taken care of while performing surgeries are:

– Carefully verifying the information about the patient and the surgery that needs to be performed do that no mishap occurs during the surgery.

– As medical negligence solicitors can become involved, you need to be careful about the antibiotics that need to be used so that only the right ones come into use if any to prevent misconduct during the surgery.

– It is always a good idea to do blood test so that any complication if present can be seen before the surgery so that it does get affected later. It is especially important to be done in case of diabetic patients.

– Consult with the cardiologist first before doing the operation so that you can know if the patient’s heart is able to bear the surgery or not.

– It is important to apply nitro-glycerine cream on the patient’s body before surgery so that it can act as preventive to any lesion or pain.

– Not to forget that operation theatre should be made sterile beforehand so that the growth or incoming of bacteria can be stopped.