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Hiring a Lawyer in Lancashire


When you have an undertaking that requires employing the services of a professional legal expert, then finding a reliable person for the task is not an option. The industry jargon and regulations surrounding some transactions may be confusing. Law can be an ass – if you take chances, you may end up making a fool out yourself. Even in a case where you are already willing to hire one, there is a still a challenge in finding the appropriate solicitor. If you are interested in hiring solicitors in Lancashire, you may want to consider the following:

Legal Specialisation

The issue at hand should inform the kind of lawyer you go for. Check out the list of qualified solicitors in the UK with a focus on Lancashire in the relevant directories online. The directory of the Law Society is one of the best places to look. You will find lawyers who are specialists in handling cases within narrower spectrums such as boundary disputes, divorce cases, insurance, and labour relations among others. Specialists have a greater understanding of issues in the relevant area of law and can handle the case faster compared to one who is a general law practitioner.

Qualification for Legal Aid

Find out if you qualify for legal aid which can significantly cut down on the cost that you may have to incur. Ensure the firm whose legal services you are seeking is willing to take on the work of legal aid. If not sure whether you qualify for such aid, consult with relevant UK websites or departments. In cases of lawsuits, some solicitors may be willing to take up the case without any initial payments on terms that allow them to reimburse themselves from a portion of the potential proceeds in case of success.

Legal Fees

The cost of the legal services is one of the things that tend to discourage many people from seeking qualified legal services providers. However, it is not uncommon for one to find a solicitor charging a reasonable price depending on your financial ability. Be confident enough to contact various solicitors and try to negotiate on the fees. You may find an affordable option that is within your budget. Where the rates being charged appear to be exorbitant, feel free to raise your concerns and work towards finding common ground with solicitors in Lancashire.

Proximity of the Solicitor’s Office

Consider how close the solicitor’s office is from your residence since you may need to visit the office often to discuss different aspects of your issue. It can also be a place near your workplace, or along your way to work. A solicitor’s firm that is easily accessible will save you precious time and travel expenses. This may also allow you to go about your routine errands such as picking your kids from school without too much interruption.


Observing the four aspects discussed above will make your solicitor-hiring experience in Lancashire more fruitful and less stressing. The outcome of the experience will influence your choice the next time you need similar services. A great experience will likely see you prefer to stick with the same solicitor in your legal troubles. This way you will benefit from more personalized services, discounts on the fees, and free consultations at any time. For this reason, you may wish to ensure diligence in your first choice of a solicitor.