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What Are The Main Driving Offences Most People Aren’t Aware Of?

Driving Offence

If you are a motorist, you assume that the legalities that are connected with driving are simpler in comparison to the various other laws that are there. These simple laws include paying a fine when you exceed your speed limit or you are driving despite a red light. However, the experts are urging the drivers to think regarding their actions.

This is because, there are many driving offences people are not aware of, that may require driving solicitors, and they could fall into trouble any moment. The rules that should be followed are ignored. You can forget about the car tax and the speeding car, instead concentrating on the rules that should be taken care of, or you can land in deep legal issues. Listed below are some of the common driving offences people are not aware of:

Overtaking at pedestrian crossings

If you are near the pedestrian crossings on the multi-lane roads and you see a car stationary there, you should not make use of the extra momentum for zipping past this stationary car. This is one of the most common driving offences people are not aware of – driving solicitors. You should not overtake the car, as there are chances that the vehicle is concealing a pedestrian who is crossing the road. It can lead to an accident when you try to overtake the car, and you will have to face serious legal issues.

Flashing the lights for making way

This is something that is commonly done by the drivers when they want other drivers to pass through the gaps. However, this is considered to be one of the most dangerous driving offences, as it can result in accidents. The headlight flashes can be used only when you want to warn the other drivers that you are present on the road, on a foggy or a stormy day.

Using your horn between 11:30pm and 7am

Though the taxi drivers can be seen honking their horns irrespective of the time, it is a legal offence. It is true that you might not have to pay any fine or it is unlikely that the police will do anything, but it is still one of the major driving offences people are not aware of, so it is your duty to take care not to do this.

Eating and drinking when you are driving

Most people that eat or drink when they are driving, do so in the morning when they are late for office and do not get the time to have breakfast in their home. This is one of the most important driving offences people are not aware of, one for which you may need driving solicitors. This is because, when you are snacking, drinking, or maybe doing makeup in your car when you are driving, you will be distracted. There are chances that you will be prosecuted by the law, as you do not have a complete control over your vehicle. You can also get penalty points.

Splashing pedestrian with mud or rainwater

Yes, this is something that you do either knowingly or unknowingly. If you splash a pedestrian or a pavement with mud or rainwater, you may have to pay a huge fine. This is because you are driving without having any consideration about the other people who are on road, so a driving solicitor may even become involved.

It is important that you take care of these offences, or you may have to part with a huge amount of money and face other problems too.